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Synctra engineering services, company that owns the trademark synctra EMI STUDIES, is a technology-based company founded in the year 2011 by Julián Elizalde Cortajarena, expert analyst of the electromagnetic interference (EMI) impact of wind farms on terrestrial radiocommunication, aircraft navigation and radar systems.

Julián Elizalde Cortajarena, CEO

After working several years for Acciona Energy, a world leading company in the field of renewable energies and pioneer in the construction of environmentally friendly wind farms which also respect the nearby radio systems, Julián Elizalde Cortajarena decides to create synctra, offering the international wind energy market access to a high quality consulting service, and promoting the global deployment of environmentally friendly renewable energy.

Based on innovation and technical excellence, synctra has laid the foundations to consolidate in the international market as a leading company in the provision of specialized consulting services related to the analysis of the radio impact of wind farms on radiocommunication, aircraft navigation and radar systems.

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